We are driven by our love for luxury and our passion for serving fashion connoisseurs in Canada. We started our journey in 2019 in Guelph, Ontario, and it gives us immense pride to have amassed a vibrant and flourishing clientele who trust our brand. 

Our mission is simple: sourcing affordable and high-quality luxury products that won’t make a dent in your pocket! 


Luxury Made Affordable 

Owning a luxury designer handbag or a sleek animal skin wallet is a dream for many fashionistas, but unfortunately, few manage to actualize this dream. We’re here to make sure each and everyone gets to splurge on designer brands without facing any financial constraints. You see, we make luxury affordable by sourcing premium quality preloved pieces that don’t break the bank. 

Now, you can splurge on upscale Louis Vuitton handbags, sharply structured designer totes, and gorgeous accessories without a care in the world! 


Strict Quality Controls

As seasoned couture connoisseurs, we’re extremely thorough and detailed in running quality controls. We value the trust our clients place in our brand, and we are dedicated to upholding this trust. For this purpose, we have three professional inspectors with over 18 years of experience in handling preloved merchandise. 

Each item we sell undergoes multiple inspections and quality controls to ensure it is presented to you 100% authentic. We take quality very seriously, and our brand does not deal in counterfeit products. In fact, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if a product bought from our brand turns out to be unauthentic – an issue that has never occurred with our brand! 



At Luxxsavvy, we cherish every fashionista who dreams of curating a lavish wardrobe lined with luxury designer brands. We’re here to actualize your dreams into a glamorous and glitzy reality. If you’re obsessed with fashion, we’re obsessed with helping you source the hottest fashion trends!