Louis Vuitton Bag: Fake or Real?

Louis Vuitton Bag: Fake or Real?

Louis Vuitton is a trusted name in the fashion industry. The Paris-based brand was founded in 1854 and has earned a lot of respect in the fashion industry. Canvas and Leather are the key materials to make these durable bags. LV monogram is famous around the world with millions of users. However, as Louis Vuitton is an expensive retailer, craftsmen manufacture fake bags which look like LVs, but they are low in quality. So to get the real product for the money you spend, you must know how to differentiate between a fake and real LV. Here we have some key points which can help you know the difference.

Check Stitching Quality


Other than the material, the stitching of these bags is also perfect. All the real LV bags are hand-stitched. Each stitch is properly and symmetrically placed. You will see a slight angle in each stitch due to hand stitching if you look closely. However, if you see straight stitching, it can be a replica.

You have to observe the color of the stitching thread as well. LV manufactures special thread to make its bags more durable and distinct. The color of this special thread is mustered yellow. So, if you see a bright yellow or orange thread, it must be a fake copy.


Inspect Heat Stamp

Stamping is another important feature of LV, which can help you to recognize the real product. Each Louis Vuitton bag has a heat stamp. The font on the stamp is unusual. The base of the letter "L" is very small, "O" in the name is big in size and round in shape and "T's" are very close to each other. The font size is thin.

Uneven stitching and different font style can help you differentiate between real and fake.


The Date Code should be correct.

Date code is another scale to check the authenticity of your expensive bag. To protect the authenticity of their product, LV started using a date code system in the 1980s. The code has the details of when the specific bag was manufactured. Date code is a combination of letters and numbers. It describes in which country this specific product was manufactured and the time of the year when it was made. 


See Material and Monogram Prints

Brown Canvas with Louis Vuitton monogram is the most common image of an LV bag. The brand has introduced different styles, but this one is the most popular. The material used for the bag can also know if the product is real or not. Canvas is the most commonly used material. Canvas bags with LV monograms are more than 100 years old style. Company processes the canvas to enhance its durability and softness.

Companies who make replicas use faux Leather with LV monogram on it. So, when you touch the material and feel the leather grains, you can easily tell it's fake. A real canvas of LV is soft and smooth to touch.

Moreover, have a close look at the monogram. The monogram is perfectly spaced in squares, and there is no misprint. You will see imprints and imperfections near handles in fake bags, particularly.


Observe Color changing leather handles

Another point to recognize the real LV bags is the handles. The handles of all LV bags are manufactured with calf hide. The hide of the European calf is not treated and processed to make these handles. This Leather is called Vachetta leather as it is untreated; the color of leather changes with time due to oxidation. Handles of these bags are originally Pale in color, but it changes to golden or mustard shades as time passes. So, if the date code says that bag was manufactured a year ago, but handles are still pale yellow, you can tell that it's a fake product. You can check the handles to test their authenticity if you already have an LV bag.


These are just a few features of original Louis Vuitton bags that can help you buy the real product. Before buying an LV, check all these things; if you miss one thing, you can judge by the other. Make a habit of buying these expensive bags from authentic sellers like Luxxsavvy! They are the trusted name when it comes to branded products. If you have already bought an LV bag and are unsure if it's real or fake, they can help you. They have experts who know all the key things to spot to differentiate between real and fake products. Buy from a reliable seller and get the value for your money.